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Don Foulds

Newfoundland Wood Sculpture

I choose to make sculptures in wood because of the vibrancy and sense of life within the wood itself; it was once part of a live tree and always retains references to it’s own previous life and growth. I like these references and use them metaphorically to refer to our own experiences with such things as life and growth or the vulnerability and flux in our own bodies, or even in the cosmos.

For the past ten years I have been researching creation and destruction mythology in a number of the world’s major religions. The images of flame, circle, container, egg and cosmos that I use in my sculptures have been drawn from written descriptions of “the beginning” and “the end” within the Bible, Koran and the Vedas. I use this vocabulary of imagery in the hope of touching the viewer in a primal way about the archetypical issues all people share concerning the beginning and ending of life.